No.1, 2009

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The Active Volcanoes of Kamchatka and Paramushir I., of North Kurils in 2007

O. A. Girina, S. V. Ushakov, N. A. Malik, A. G. Manevich, D. V. Melnikov, A. A. Nuzhdaev,
Yu. V. Demyanchuk, L. V. Kotenko

New Evidence for the Composition and Structure of Volcanic Complexes on Cape Nalycheva
and the Shipunskii Peninsula, Kamchatka

N. V. Tsukanov, S. G. Skolotnev, D. P. Saveliev

The Influence of Water on the Temperature of Stability of Amphibole in Melts

A. P. Maksimov

A Study in the Dynamics of Geoelectric Material from Electrotelluric Field Data

Yu. F. Moroz, T. A. Moroz

Space-Time Variations of the Shear Wave Attenuation Field Observed for the Upper Mantle
in High and Low Seismicity Regions

Yu. F. Kopnichev, D. D. Gordienko, I. N. Sokolova

Improvements on the Magnitude-Geographic Criterion of Tsunami Hazard

A. A. Poplavskii, L. N. Poplavskaya, A. I. Spirin, Yu. Yu. Permikin, T. V. Nagornykh

In Memory of Leonida Nikiticha Barabanova (January 22, 1927-March 10, 2008)

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