No.3, 2008

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" Postmineral" Basaltoids and Ore-Bearing Hydrothermal Mineralisations

A. A. Sidorov

The Structure and Evolution of the Kaiemraveem Volcanic Field: A New Ore
Field in the Chukchi Peninsula

V. F. Belyi, A. A. Sidorov, A. V. Volkov, Yu. Ya. Vashchillov

Deep-Seated Faults and Lineaments: The Location of Earthquakes Epicenters
in the Russian Northeast on Land

Ya. Ya. Vaschchilov, L. Yu. Kalinina

The Geology, Hydrodynamics, and the Ore and Gas Potential of the Kosheleva
Steam-Water Field, Kamchatka

A. I. Pozdeev, I. N. Nazhalova

The "Seismic Quiescence" Effect in the Baikal Rift Zone

I. B. Naguslaeva, Yu. A. Bashkuev, Yu. P. Malyshkov, D. G. Buyanova

Devastating Earthquakes in the Vicinities of Murmansk: Paleoseismological and
Geological Evidence

S. B. Nikolaeva

Space-Time Variations in the Parameters of Split S-waves Excited by Local Earthquakes
Occuring beneath Sothern Kamchatka

M. N. Luneva

The Mercalli Family of Seismic Intensity Scales

F. F. Aptikaev, N. G. Mokrushina, O. O. Erteleva

The 75th Birthday of Viktor Mikhailovich Sugrobov