No.5, 2007

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Increased Activity on Ebeko Volcano, Paramushir I., North Kuriles in 2005-2006

T. A. Kotenko, L. V. Kotenko, V. N. Shapar

Karymshina, A Giant Supervolcano Caldera in Kamchatka:
Boundaries, Structure, Volume of Pyroclastics

V. L. Leonov, A. N. Rogozin

Concentrations of Various Forms of Water in Cilica Precipitated
from a Hydrothermal Solution

V. V. Potapov, L. T. Zhuravlev

The Response of Water Level in Well YUZ-5, Kamchatka to the Magnitude 9.3,
Sumatra-Andaman Earthquake of December 26, 2004

G. N. Kopylova, S. V. Boldina

On the Efficiency of Partial Water Removal Before the Transport
of Steam-gas Mixture in Geothermal Fields

A. N. Shulyupin

Heterogeneities in the Field of Short Period Seismic Wave Attenuation
in the Lithosphere of Central Tien Shan

Yu. F. Kopnichev, I. N. Sokolova

On the Relation Between High Frequency Acoustic Emission in Near-surface Rocks
and the Electric Field in the Near-ground Atmosphere

A. V. Kuptsov, Yu. V. Marapulets, M. A. Mishchenko, O. P. Rulenko,
B. M. Shevtsov, A. O. Shcherbina

The seventieth birthday of Nikolai Nikolaevich Kozhemyaka

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