No.4, 2004

Mayor Valley Lava Flows in Asia During Cenozoic Time:
Structure, Composition, and the Environment of the "Lava River" Forming
in the Lesser Enisey R. Valley

V. V. Yarmolyuk, A. M. Kozlovsky, E. A. Kudryashova,
V. I. Lebedev, A. M. Sugorakova

The Evolution of Magma Chambers which Feed Calderas of the Southern Sector
of the Karymskii Volcanic Center.
Part I. Geology, Structure and Composition
of the Pyroclastic Flows

E. N. Grib, V. L. Leonov

Accessory Native Ore Minerals in Eruptive Ashes Discharged
by Andesitic Volcanoes of Kamchatka

G. A. Karpov, A. V. Mokhov

An Indirect Method for Determining Concentrations of Ionic Chloride
in Fluids Coming from the Bottom of the Crater Lake on Malyi Semyachik Volcano,

G. M. Gavrilenko

Physico-Chemical Modeling of Hydrothermal Alteration Affecting the Andesites
of Ebeko Volcano, Kuril Is.

E. P. Bessonova, S. M. Fazlullin, G. R. Kolonin, O.L. Gaskova

Geophysical Studies of Krylatka Submarine Volcano, Kuril Islands

V. A. Rashidov, V. I. Bondarenko

A Mechanism of Magnetic Variations

A. N. Krolevets, O. V. Sheremetieva