No.3, 2001

The Eastern Tuva Region of Recent Volcanism in Central Asia:
Periods, Products and Types of Volcanic Activity

V. V. Yarmolyuk, V. 1. Lebedev, A. M. Sugorakova, V. Yu. Bragin,
Yu. D. Litasov, S. T. Prudnikov, M. M. Arakelyants, V. A. Lehedev,
V. G. Ivanov, A. M. Kozlovskii

Petrogeochimical Features of Igneous Rocks and Amphibole Inclusions Occuring in the Savan Volcanic Complex,
Southern Kamchatka

V. S. Sheimovich, Yu. M. Puzankov

Holocene Seismotectonic Landslides in the Bystraya-Esso River Valley, Kamchatka

T. K. Pinegina

Amplitude Parameters of Earthquake Ruptures in Swarms Occurring in the Baikal Seismic Zone

A. V. Klyuchevskii

Parameters and Energy of Earthquakes in a Structurally Inhomogeneous Crust

V. A. Potapov

Long Period Variations of Shear Wave Attenuation Structure in the Lithosphere and Asthenosphere of North Tien Shan

Yu. F. Kopnichev

The Signature of the Dynamics of the Tanlu and Kuril Island Arc Fracture Zones in Cloud Dynamics Imprinted
in Satellite Pictures

L. I. Morozova