No.2, 2001

Pleistocene and Holocene Catastrophic Activity in the Elbrus Volcanic Center (Northern
Caucasus, Russia): Events and Chronology from 14C, EPR and K-Ar Dating

O. A. Bogatikov, I. V. Melekestsev, A. G. Gurbanov, L. D. Sulerzhitskii,
D. G. Koshchug, R. V. Gryun, V. I. Chernykh, M. M. Arakelyants,
V. Yu. Kiriyanov, V. M. Gazeev, A. A. Gurbanov. A. 1. Puriga, A. V. Trusov

Glacier Movement at Northeast Active Crater of Mutnovskii Volcano, Kamchatka in
1996-1998: Causes and Consequences

G. M. Gavrilenko, M. E. Zelenskii, Ya. D. Muraviev

On the Mechanism of the Besymyannyi Eruption on December 5, 1997

V. Yu. Kirianov, A. V. Storcheus

The State of Shiveluch and Klyuchevskoi Volcanoes in 1999, a Long-term Forecast
of Their Activity

N. A. Zharinov, Yu. V. Demyanchuk

Variations of Water Level in Elizovskaya-1 Well, Kamchatka Due toLarge Earthquakes:
1987-1998 Observations

G. N. Kopylova

A Metamorphogenic Model of the Seismic Layer in Continental Crust

I. G. Kissin

A Tomographic Study of Upper Crust in the Aftershock Area of the 1988 Spitak,
Armenia Earthquake

A. M. Avetisyan, T. A. Smaglichenko, A. V. Nikolaev

Dymanics of Baikal Seismicity

V. A. Potapov, F. I. Ivanov

On the 70th Anniversary of S.A. Fedotov

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